Gillian Oler Photography is based in Frisco, Texas serving the DFW Metroplex and mainly specializes in family and children lifestyle photography. When she is not living and breathing all things photography, and sacrificing sleep for the love of editing, you can find her conquering the corporate world at her full-time marketing job, while daydreaming about writing, taking pretty pictures, and trying to make salad taste like a cheeseburger.

On the weekends you can probably find her sitting on the patio drinking coffee, out buying overpriced Lululemon pants, chasing after her preschooler who is both entertainer and mass weapon of destruction, out taking pictures of her amazing clients, staring at a mountain of laundry she doesn’t want to do, or watching a B movie on Netflix with her husband.

She loves Jesus, but cusses a little. She is obsessed with trying new products, being fashionable on a budget, and always redecorating and working on her house. She also hates ketchup, cats, and soda, in that order, and she is always cold. Gillian and her husband have been together for 14 years, have an amazing son named Jack, and two dogs, Mosey and Leo that basically run their household. She goes on a new diet every Monday, and is continuously trying to find the magic formula to balancing it all, while having it all. When she figures it out, she will let ya’ll know!

Photo by: Funkytown Photo Co.