A Little Ray of Sunshine Before Things Went Dark

I have not added any galleries or blogs since I published by new Website earlier this year, so I wanted to take some time to do that. This is just one of the sessions I got to do back in February 2020, before the world went crazy and we all went inside. As a family photographer, I meet all kinds of families and work with all kinds of different people in this industry, but there are just certain clients that make it all just worth it. The Ashcraft family is one of those. Their contagious joy and kindness did my heart good and Reagan’s mom was so easy to work with when we started planning this session.

She let me get creative and we bounced ideas off one another and was all around an easy-going client. The day of our session the sun was shining and it was beautiful, but WINDY. Weather is probably the #1 challenge most photographers have to deal with and we pick our battles. I will take sunshine and wind over rain any day. The wind was definitely a challenge though, on the way to the session I had stopped to purchase a giant balloon, probably three times the size of sweet Reagan, and as I arrived at the session and tried to wrangle it so it wouldn’t blow away it POPPED! I was so heartbroken, but everyone just laughed and I knew right then, despite the super windy day, we would make this work with what we had, and let me tell you in times like these my client’s attitude can make or break a situation, and they MADE IT and I loved them for it.

The show went on and we had outfit changes, and we survived the wind and chilly weather and the session went great. Reagan loved her cake from AJ’s Sweet Creations, and Mom loved the way I had dressed it up in a cute way, but still a minimal boho vibe. This was my first milestone session of the year and I couldn’t have asked for a more sweet girl or a more gorgeous outcome!