I am so excited to finally share all the gorgeous, magical Spring Unicorn Mini Session photos that were taken back in March 2020, very shortly before COVID-19 hit and the world went a little crazy. As quoted by one of my unicorn girl’s mothers, “I love these photos, but they are also a bittersweet reminder of the way things were…”. This hits me a little bit, because it so true.

On this beautiful, chilly day in March, just days before students would leave for Spring break not knowing they wouldn’t return to their classrooms, before offices became vacant, before we could hug and shake hands and not even think twice about it.

I try and do these Unicorn Mini Sessions in the Frisco/McKinney, Texas area at least once a year, and they are always so much fun! I love seeing all the moms bring their little girls up in sweet dresses, decked out in glitter and maybe some lip gloss and their eagerness, yet shy excitement. It is always fun to watch them come up and meet the unicorn for the first time. AirPonies , who owns the pony/unicorn always does a great job of working with the girls and helping them get acquainted with “the unicorn”. 

The way the sunlight hits and this location, and the colors and tones, almost make these photos seem whimsical, and that is my favorite part. I know every mother who booked these for their daughter will cherish these photos for years to come, when they are all grown up. They will look back at these someday and remember the simple magic of being a little girl.