R A V E // R E V I E W S

"I have shot with Gillian twice now, and let me just say that both times have been amazing. Those times I was worried about the quality of photos I would get, knowing my children cannot sit still and are way too anxious in front of the camera. But my money has been so well spent on her photos because the outcome that was produced is phenomenal. I highly recommend her business for your memories that will last a lifetime. I’m still in shock every time I see them."


"Oh my gosh Gillian...these brought me to tears, you're incredible!! I don't even know how you captured these! Thank you so much! Stunning work! I mean seriously!"


"You are INSANELY TALENTED, like it's truly INCREDIBLE how good you are at what you do! I got the best in the biz."


"Thank you SO much. We NEVER get family pictures taken because it gives my husband such anxiety, but these were SO great. He’s definitely going to turn a new leaf. Thank you thank you thank you!"